TFH level 4

Level 4 reviews the 42 muscle balances and goes deeper still in teaching how to test all 42 muscles in standing, lying and prone positions. This provides an amazing opportunity to take your Touch For Health sessions to outdoor training fields, gyms and offices: quite simply, nowhere is out of bounds. Corrections using all of the following techniques: Five Elements, Sound, Acupressure Holding Point,  and Lou Points will greatly enhance your skills in the application of the TFH sessions for improved long lasting results. Ancient knowledge of the Tibetan Figure Eight energies will enable you to work on injuries and pain on an energetic level to achieve relief. The life saver, the Time of Day Balance, is a simple two minute adjustment that balances the body’s energies and muscular system, and reduces pain by up to 65% within two minutes. You will learn how to effectively release traumatic muscle memory through the postural stress release method for pain relief and general postural improvement. In this level, everything comes together and clarifies how to discover the endless possibilities of achieving immediate results on posture, pain, meridian flow and mental health with the use of the Touch For Health method, in an easy and practical format.

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