TFH level 3

This course builds on Level 2 and goes into greater depth with the use and application of the Five Elements Theory in balancing skills by using colour and emotions. In Level 3 you will have the exceptional opportunity to see and experience how balancing, with the interaction of goals and emotions, brings results that are much deeper and longer lasting. This level will take you on an amazing path in the assessment and clearing of past trauma, present and future concerns and other mental blockages in an exceptionally effective manner. Level 3 introduces a further 14 muscle tests to significantly change posture. New techniques and reflexes will enhance your learning and practice. Pain Tapping is also covered in Level 3. This technique assures instant relief for chronic and acute pain issues. Reactive Muscle Correction is also taught to effectively deal with chronic muscle issues and to rapidly clear long-standing postural issues. Everyone’s favourite, Gait Reflexes, will change the way you look at walking and running. This simple yet tremendously effective technique can greatly improve one’s walking and running ability in less than 5 minutes.


 Tests for 14  Muscles and Acupuncture Meridians (Level 3):


Levator Scapulae – Stomach

Posterior Neck Extensors – Stomach

Opponens Pollicis – Spleen

Triceps – Spleen

Transverse & Oblique – Small Intestine

Abdominals – Small Intestine

Anterior & Posterior Tibials – Bladder

Upper Trapezius – Kidney

Gluteus Maximus – Circulation/Sex

Gracilis – Triple Warmer (Temperature regulation)

Soleus – Triple Warmer (ditto)

Coracobrachialis – Lung

Diaphragm – Lung

Hamstrings – Small Intestine

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