Adamos Vrachimis

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor


This course was a life-changing experience! Through this, I was able to see clearly the effect of all three factors, structure, nutrition and especially emotions, on the body and understand the importance of managing these factors. A true holistic approach!


On a personal level this enabled me to deal with stressful situations in a more effective way, improving my quality of life to a great extent. Since the end of the course, I have gradually managed to live a calm and happier life, appreciating beloved ones and simple things more. In addition, using this method it’s possible to identify the body’s true needs, in regards to nutrition and training, so that it can function at its maximum capacity throughout the whole day.


On a professional level, I acquired plenty of tools, which I use as a Pilates instructor, in order to enhance my clients’ well-being by further improving their posture, and even eliminating pain in specific parts of the body, quickly and effectively. Also, through goal setting and balancing the body’s muscles, as well as other techniques, I am able to help my clients deal with stress in their everyday life successfully, in order to enjoy a better quality of life.


The instructor, Bora Doran, was truly inspiring and confident in teaching the course in a simple, yet successful way, offering me support and help whenever I needed it. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Emily Tuck

Touch For Health Kinesiology Practitioner and Trainer


I have had the privilege of receiving several balances from Bora, we have worked on a range of things during our sessions. He is gentle and unassuming in his approach and so you are immediately put at ease and nothing is too much trouble.


Bora is always looking for ways to both ensure you get the best possible treatment and have the best support or self-help techniques between sessions. He is quick, and profound grasp of Touch for Health is a joy to behold, I felt very safe with Bora that whatever I bring to him to work on we will find a way to resolve it.


Thanks to his care and attention and balances, my confidence has improved, my stress is reduced, my aches and pains are gone, and I feel often that all things are possible as long as I use Touch for Health.


I have also trained Touch for Health with Bora and he has made it so accessible to me and I feel confident in my use of Touch for Health thanks to working with him, I felt supported throughout my training and beyond. He is a truly exceptional therapist and I recommend him without reservation.

Eleni Demosthenous

Executive Coach, Human Capital Consultant


Receiving a Touch for Health (TFH) balance feels like the most natural way to take care of your physical and emotional state. The results are immediate and you will experience feeling healthier as you have ever felt.


I recommend Touch for Health for everyone. Giving it a try will convince you that is the most holistic and non-invasive way to re-calibrate your system and return it to its optimal healthy state.


Receiving a TFH balance by Bora it has been a privilege and an honor.  Bora is the most loving, caring and responsible practitioner and teacher. Every session with Bora is a rebirth to a better version of yourself, because of his ability to see, feel and understand you at a deeper level and apply the practice that will bring the most amazing results.


Bora’s appreciation, drive, knowledge and experience in TFH make him a solid ambassador of Health and a great inspiration to work with.

Popi Tanta Demetriou


I have been suffering with my spine for the last 30 years. After two operations in my spine, the second one only 8 months ago I faced another problem this time with a muscle called piriformis and suffered greatly with pains of piriformis syndrome. The doctors both in the United Kingdom and as well as in Cyprus recommended another operation to cut the muscle.


I was desperate and I went to visit Bora as a last reserve to try Kinesiology and Clinical Pilates. I heard about Bora from various friends who told me he had done miracles to them. Having tried everything else in my life from physiotherapy to anti-inflammatory pills, acupuncture and many other methods. I was a bit skeptical but thanks god I finally did!


For the first time in my life I feel completely cured, healthy and fit. I sleep uninterrupted from pains and learned how to listen to my body and heal myself with techniques Bora taught me. Bora is not only the most amazing Kinesiologist and Clinical Pilates Instructor ever but a wonderful person as well!


I highly recommend his work and devotion to make anyone get better with similar problems without the use of medicine or operation. 

Georgia Cottis


Bora does magic! I had a shoulder injury when I decided to do some sessions with Bora. I had consulted two doctors before starting off with Bora and both had said the only solution was surgery which was obviously something I did not want to do. I tried physiotherapy but again I found little improvement.


With Bora, in 8 sessions my shoulder was good as new!! It was such relief! I would totally recommend him to others who are seeking for rehabilitation programs.

Naszradi-Mészáros Orsoly


When I met Bora, I was in a terrible shape. I had a knee condition that had been operated twice within 6 years, and I was told I needed to undergo a third, major surgery.


I had already been to therapy and tried various conservative methods to improve my condition, but to no avail. I was starting to lose faith, but decided to give it one last try, and I am so glad I did. When we met, I could not climb the stairs or stand up from a seated position without dislocating my kneecap, which was very scary and uncomfortable. As even the slightest exercise would cause severe pain and discomfort, I was beginning to accept that my physically active life would end at 30-something.


Bora took the time and, with a lot of patience and a holistic approach, guided me on my journey to become healthier, fitter and stronger. He has a vast knowledge of how the human body works and I feel safe in his hands. The impact of Clinical Pilates, Kinesiology and Bora, in particular, on my life is profound: I have a better posture, I am more active and I no longer fear the stairs (or any physical activity, for that matter). I am truly grateful for the experience. 

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