K-Power® Mind-Body Series

This series of workshops will enable you to work with ease towards ensuring your clients’ overall wellbeing and mental health by focusing on stress management, emotional healing, reducing co-dependence, and living life to the full. Through the application of the muscle testing protocols, you will be able to discover the exact emotion and clear it using different reflexes for emotional freedom and wellness.


Mind-Body series have been designed with both laypersons and professionals in mind, to teach stress management skills and Kinesiology protocols which can be used for the benefit of the individual, family members, friends and clients. Mind-Body series are packed with valuable techniques to release emotional stress, past trauma, phobia, co-dependence issues and many more mental and emotional blockages. You will be able to go to the core of the issues and eliminate them in order to achieve EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.


If you would like to breathe new life into your therapy, business and resources available to you, either for self-help or to help others, then consider embarking on a miraculous journey with K-Power® Mind Body Series Workshops.  Discover many advanced Kinesiology techniques with manual muscle testing skills and strategies in how to effectively handle stress, past, present and future worries, and regain mental and physical health.

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