K-Power® puts the power of choice and change into your hands.

K-Power® is unique in its approach to health involving all 3 vital elements of health, the emotions, physical body (muscles) and nutrition. The art of manual muscle testing and the signature muscle reactivation reflexes are applied to completely clear the presenting issue whether it is pain, sport performance improvement, lack of flexibility and mobility, emotional stress or nutritional deficiencies.


An exclusive series of innovative workshops are available to help health care practitioners, fitness professionals, mental and spiritual health professionals and other therapists to contribute to their clients’ overall wellbeing by bridging the gap between conventional and alternative treatments to achieve instant long lasting results.


It is becoming increasingly recognized that a person’s overall health and wellbeing is about much more than their physical state. Stress levels, lifestyle choices, and past physical and emotional trauma can all contribute to specific health issues and to a person’s day-to-day diminished sense of energy and wellness.


Each K-Power® workshop focuses on one particular area to allow in-depth exploration and to ensure adequate time for the learning and practice of hands-on skills. This ensures that students leave with experience and confidence to succeed in the profession using the tools learnt in these valuable courses and workshops. Additionally, each participant receives a manual fully detailing all of the procedures, for future reference.

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