Stress Release Made Easy fully widens your horizons by providing deep exploration and insight into emotions and its effects on one’s physical and mental health. Learn to provide tailor-made stress release management protocols for each individual to increase tolerance and resistance to stress in order to be calm and achieve wellness in the truest sense, even in challenging situations.

This workshop teaches muscle testing skills to easily identify and overcome any stressful event or emotion. It explores a wide variety of techniques to call upon to be able to help clients, family and friends, and even yourself, to avoid health problems, recharge energy levels and recover from illness and injury. This puts the power of choice and change back into your hands.

This workshop will give you many new insights and innovative ways of looking at stress, emotional and life challenges and how to overcome them with the application of Kinesiology techniques, affirmations, breathing, exercise and nutrition.

Techniques Covered:

Emotional stress release.

How to muscle test.

Emotional balancing with affirmations.

Alarm points.

Meridians and emotions.

Breathing and stress management.

Exercise and stress management.

Nutrition for stress management.

Whole food supplements for stress management, health, energy, and vitality.

Long-term stress management.

Mood and stress management.

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