Our state of being is manifested through breath. Breathing enhances our vitality, clarity of mind and effortless movement.


Embark on a wonderful vitality journey and self empowerment through using breath as a divine gift to nourish and nurture yourself. Discover how using simple, yet profoundly effective self help techniques to improve breathing for emotional stress release , improved posture, optimal organ, hormonal and immune function and better nutritional assimilation.


By using various Kinesiology Reflexes, found on the body, we will activate various muscles for optimal breathing. We will use this effortless breath in many different ways to achieve wellness and mindfulness.


You Will Learn How To:

  • ​Achieve optimal effortless breathing.
  • Activate acu-pressure points to activate muscles that are responsible for breathing.
  • Use breath to massage Thymus Gland for improved immune function.
  • Improve lung function and hormonal balance.
  • Use breath and emotional stress release points to release stress, worries and tension.
  • Increase general flexibility and mobility through breath and acu-pressure points.
  • Oxygenate blood for vitality.
  • Use acu-pressure points to release negative emotions.
  • Use specific herbs and greens to enhance breathing.
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