We are profoundly passionate about health, wellness and vitality: the force that has driven and inspired us from day one. So we have set out to further improve this by offering the most innovative and advanced systems of holistic health care. Kinesiology is the ultimate blend of physical, emotional and energetic bodywork.


We are proud to be a Licensed Training Institute for The International Kinesiology College based in Zurich, Switzerland, and K-Power® Kinesiology, Auckland, New Zealand. Our level of training is gold standard and internationally recognized.


Whether you are looking to correct posture, increase athletic performance, relieve emotional stress or rehabilitate an injury, the Kinesio Institute will provide the support and expertise you need to achieve immediate results to ensure a successful career. We offer science-based, multi-disciplinary, research proven courses and workshops to help you to acquire the advanced techniques to treat the real cause of physical and emotional issues through muscle testing techniques.


At Kinesio Institute our ultimate goal is for you to achieve success, and with that sole aim in mind we provide the highest standards of training within this area of expertise. In addition, our constant support is there to guide you throughout your learning journey towards a successful career or on the path to personal development.



Bora Doran


Having suffered chronic back pain for many years while holding a managerial position in the corporate world, Bora’s life changed drastically when he discovered the astounding benefits of Pilates and Applied Kinesiology. Unlike any other treatment he had sought for his back problem, these non-intrusive, gentle approaches effectively took his pain away. He left his career and began a passionate pursuit of the art of wellbeing, studying Pilates, clinical Pilates, and Applied Kinesiology. He was fortunate to be trained by the leading experts in the field of Kinesiology and Pilates, including Sandy Gannon, Daniella Mallach, Phillip Rafferty, Adam Lehman, and Denise Gurney.


Bora is the founder of the Kinesio Institute. Today, Bora is a fully certified Level 2 STOTT Pilates instructor and a Rehabilitation Specialist. He is also a licensed Touch For Health Kinesiology and K-Power® Kinesiology practitioner and Instructor Trainer. In his 20,000 hours of clinical experience, he has had the immense pleasure of turning lives around and helping others lead a functional life free from physical pain. As a former sufferer, he is empathetic and sensitive to the bodily pain his clients experience and can relate well to the emotional stress that comes with it.


Bora continually strives to increase his knowledge and find proven methods to deal with difficult and serious cases. This has led him to some of the most innovative techniques, which he has successfully applied in his practice. His highly specialized and extensive training, which include postural sensory system activation, functional anatomy, Fascia Release, and the 5 Elements Acupuncture Meridians, have all contributed to his success in helping others avoid surgical operations and returning to a healthy, well-balanced state. Apart from helping athletes and dancers with injury prevention and performance improvement, he works with children and the elderly to help them manage various physical and emotional imbalances.


Bora believes that wellbeing can be achieved by anyone, which is why he shares his knowledge through running workshops and courses under the 2 internationally recognized Kinesiology colleges – The International Kinesiology College in Zurich, Switzerland and the K-Power® Kinesiology, Auckland, New Zealand. Although the teaching material may be complex, he is able to simplify the content and deliver it in an easy-to-understand, practical manner so as to equip his students with the best possible skills. Many have commented that his supportive and gentle approach has given them the confidence to practice the techniques taught and to identify and resolve issues with the body.


Bora derives much joy from his work as a holistic health practitioner and in helping others achieve vitality. His vision is to break down the scientific complexities of Kinesiology so that anyone can apply useful techniques for a healthier, balanced life.

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